Dictus Publishing – Publication of political content

Politics should be discussed and debated. This principle is our main focus at Dictus Publishing. As content managers, we are specialized in the fast and efficient distribution of political content. Dictus Publishing is a publishing house that offers a platform to publish political texts through simple and efficient processes.

Moreover, we are one of the few publishers of political research that supports the “Open Content” principle, i.e. open access to political research. This means that Dictus Publishing’s authors may also offer the contents they published with us on political servers for free download. In this way, we proactively promote political research and development worldwide.

Publication of your political texts

We provide our authors with a free publication of their political contents. Publication at Dictus Publishing is absolutely free and with no “hidden costs”. If you happen to be the author of a manuscript dealing with current and emerging sociopolitical issues and that you would like to publish without incurring any cost, we will be more than happy to review your manuscript and in the same way make you benefit from our offers and services.

How to publish your political contents?

Please contact our editor Mr. Edward Walker via Contact