The International Community Approach Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue

The International Community Approach Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue

Kosovo History without End

Dictus Publishing ( 21.11.2022 )

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The Kosovo-Serbia dialogue has been going on for 11 years, it has taken a very long time and without any final results, a technical dialogue that the parties never agree on. Can the parties be called serious or facilitators in this case? 33 agreements were signed, most of them not implemented! What does this mean for the EU and the USA, a great waste of time, a great deal of time per year but without final results! This entire investment is in vain, because Serbia does not accept the technical dialogue for normalization, but Serbia always try to delay the process, to ignore it, it seemed to prolong the implementation of the agreements. The mediator's patience was great for so many years of dialogue and always tense conversations, this delay has only influenced the recycling of the situation without a solution, Serbia, in dialogue, thinks about status but not for normalization, Serbia and Vucic still think that 1244 is a reality in the political field, and does not accept the change since 2008 when Kosovo became an independent state.

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