The present Dossier Book / Book - DICTATORSHIPS AND REPUBLICAN MONARCHIES OF AFRICA - Volume1 / Volume 2 (published previously in its French version) includes a great number of quotations of Geniuses and Great men who had stayed on our earth of men; they were from the (4) corners of our planetary village. With regard to this Dossier Book / Book, it should be noted that from Pan-Africanism to independences; from destabilization to military coups, with its consequences, the reading of the state and / or the evolutions of AFRICA and its peoples are well known. In my conclusion of the volumes 1 and 2 of the French version, I judged indispensable to resort to the quotations of the three (3) outstanding Leaders of the 20th century that are:- Mahatma GANDHI / Mohandas Karamchand GANDHI- Pastor Martin Luther KING / Martin Luther KING- President Nelson MANDELA / Nelson Rolihlahla MANDELA / MADIBAIn this Dossier Book, I have evoked also the Cold War through NATO and the WARSAW PACT; some of the Great Statesmen of Europe / West as well as the leftist Revolutionaries. And here is the background of the necessary debate on the perspectives of our dear AFRICA. The debate is therefore open.

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Mamavi Sylvain Attiglah

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Théorie politique et L'histoire des idéologie