The system of rights and financial obligations of couples

The system of rights and financial obligations of couples

in Iranian law and its compliance with the law of Switzerland

Dictus Publishing ( 09.01.2023 )

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One of the important issues in family law is the issues related to obligations and financial relations between couples, which has a profound and wide impact on the continuity or non-continuity of cohabitation couples. It starts with the formation and beginning of a life together, the earliest stage of which is courtship and continues as long as the couple lives together or in cases where they are separated from each other or one of the parties dies. This study has analyzed and explained the law organizing the financial relations of couples and the related rights carefully in detail and at the same time in a coherent and integrated manner; Then, the types of financial regimes affecting the couple's financial relationships are expressed as much as possible, and the position of balance, equality or preference are examined. The author explain the financial relations couples and the system organizing it, and express the principles and opinions of Iran thinkers and jurists and compare it with Swiss law. After the necessary studies, the commonalities and differences between these two legal systems have been stated and the possibility of forming a single legal system has been evaluated.

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Droit de la famille