I highly respect this Religion!

I highly respect this Religion!

Secret conversations about religions

Dictus Publishing ( 21.10.2021 )

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The articles of this book attempt to declassify the details of many of the common and exciting convictions of the vast majority of people on earth about (religions) and (religious doctrines), recalling that this does not mean that I endorse the validity or accuracy of some of the details of those convictions.The vast majority of the people of the earth may secretly gather many exciting and undeclared convictions about the past, present and future of all religions and religious sects in the world, but this majority is unable to declare those convictions for many reasons:some of them fears harsh reactions from religious extremists; or sometimes they have not the ability to formulate the words of those convictions, while others intend to obfuscate those convictions in order to perpetuate their interests.The articles of this book may provoke a wide debate about the reasons, how and when (religions) and (religious sects) appeared in human life, and its effects on the social, political and economic life of the peoples of the earth, in addition to other exciting topics about the possibilities of the emergence of new religions and religious sects in future!

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