Brazil: a new powerhouse without military strength?

Brazil: a new powerhouse without military strength?

A conceptual and empirical quest about an emerging economic power

Dictus Publishing ( 19.11.2019 )

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In her novel Emma, Jane Austen (1815) wrote: ‘And nobody is afraid of her; that is a great charm’. This properly illustrates the argument that soft power enabled Brazil to rise in the world order over 2003-2014. Based on the existing definitions of power, this book opposes hard power to soft power and studies the notion of rising states to offer a non-material definition. Despite a flourishing literature on these concepts, scholars estimate that the conception and guiding elements for analysis are still unsatisfactory. Hence, this book balances Brazil’s hard/military policy with its soft external policy and evaluates the country’s rise in the world order through soft power. This book thus proposes hard power, soft power and rising states roles, based on role theory, and corresponding indicators to assess Brazil’s soft power linked to three policy-areas (peace diplomacy, multilateral diplomacy and South-South focus) and the country’s resulting rise in the world order.

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Mathilde Chatin

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Science politique internationale et comparée