ATM Youth League 2023

ATM Youth League 2023

"As young people we are future leaders of this church and of the world". Chairperson of ATM Servant Mandisa Mashiya

Dictus Publishing ( 16.09.2022 )

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This book is truly inspired by the words of the Chairperson of ATM Mandisa Mashiye when she vehemently posited that “as young people we are the future leaders of this country". She further resurrected phoenix from the ashes when she echoes the fact that “the most important characteristic of a leader is being decisive. Im sure you are not going to be lukewarm as per reading in the book of Revelation 16:3 KJV it is theorised that “So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth”.The ATM is a faith-based National Political Party, established to create and develop a modern, healthy, happy, functional, democratic, fair and prosperous society that prides itself on integrity and inclusivity. It is thus established to seek political power, contest National, Provincial and Municipal Elections, and to ensure widespread presence all over South Africa. (a) Our political ideology is Humanism in general and African Humanism in particular. The philosophical understanding of the ATM behind this Humanism ideology is that: “There is Only One God and Only One Race, the Human Race”. (c) The aims and objectives of the ATM are to offer all South Africa.

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