Election in Western Balkan and Policy

Election in Western Balkan and Policy

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Dictus Publishing ( 28.02.2021 )

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Kosovo needs a deep electoral reform, to change the electoral system, the number of constituencies; Kosovo needs a new electoral system that should be semi-majority. Also Albania and Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia, should be more efficient and meet high democratic criteria in the electoral process. The Western Balkans is highly politicized and this is negatively affecting the choices and the development of democratic circumstances in these countries. Kosovo should establish the Assembly and the Government as soon as possible after the extraordinary elections. Kosovo must abolish taxes to resume Kosovo-Serbia dialogue Kosovo must improve the rule of law in justice by adopting the Vetting Act. An independent commission consisting of the KJC and the KPC with EU assistance must implement the law on vetting in the judiciary. Kosovo should be enabled by the EU visa liberalization as soon as possible. The issues mentioned otherwise frustration will be even greater for the citizens of Kosovo.

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