Post Saddam Iraq

Post Saddam Iraq

New realities – The Nationalism, Islam Governance and security issues

Dictus Publishing ( 24.07.2020 )

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It has been almost a decade Iraq moves into a post-Saddam Hussein era, a wide range of religious, ethnic and nationalist groups were attempting to make so far various claims to national and local political power in the country. By following the fall of Saddam Husain The US presidential envoy to Iraq, Paul Bremer, thus has appointed an Iraqi Governing Council intended to reflect the country's diverse groups. Slightly more than a year after US forces deposed Iraqi dictator Saddam Husein, on June 28, 2004, national security adviser Condoleezza Rice passed President George Bush a note that Iraqi sovereignty had been transferred back to Iraqis. Bush wrote in reply, "Let freedom reign!" l would not really agree with some people as they would say probably the freedom has reigned in post-Saddam Iraq. As known, Iraq is now in its sixteenth year of popular uprisings calling for a change of government. Iraqi security forces have killed hundreds of people and wounded thousands, with large numbers being abducted by unknown militias.

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