The book 'Military Intervention in Bangladesh' discovers untold facts about Bangladeshi governance and politics. It reveals hard reality on the event of the Bangladeshi military coup that occurred on 11 January 2007. The purpose of this study is to examine and analyse the cause and consequences of political failure, military intervention and the role played by the international actors on the event. This volume captures images of the important political incidents in Bangladesh during the volatile situation. The effect of the regime on overall politics, history and long-term governance has been discussed by the author, who was in the helms of affair as the Adviser to the President during this period, although was termed as defacto head of state and government. The book deals with the events of politics, civil society, military and the role of international relations. It analyses the existing theories and finds them as inadequate to define the reality in this era when military intervention was impossible, absurd. The book justifies that the Army Chief's lust to become the President was the main reason in the coup, where the United Nations was blackmailed.

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M. Mukhlesur Rahman Chowdhury

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Sciences politiques